“Altered Realities” at NSS Gallery including Past President Elisa Adams

The National Sculpture Society is pleased to present Altered Realities. The exhibition features the work of 12 members of the Society and will be on view from May 22 through August 4 at the NSS Gallery in midtown Manhattan. The works included in Altered Realities explore unreal and imagined worlds and the beings, creatures, and natural elements that inhabit them. The NSS Gallery is alive with otherworldly shapes, forms, and figures that hint at the familiar but have a component of the unknown and mysterious. The sculptures on display represent the different styles, backgrounds, and disciplines of NSS members. Fellows (FNSS), Elected Members (NSS), and Associates comprise the levels of membership of the organization which is international in scope and appeal.

Artists in the show are Elisa Adams, NSS; Steven A. Carpenter, NSS; Tom Durham, FNSS; Morgan Dummitt, NSS; Elizabeth Jordan; Richard MacDonald, FNSS; Janice Mauro, FNSS; William Paquet; Robert Rankin; Eric Serritella; Kathryn Vinson and Jeremiah D. Welsh.