Annual Conference on Preserving Artists’ Legacies

The conference begins to address legacy issues facing the aged and deceased lesser-known artist community today. Most often the task of archiving and caretaking of artists’ legacies is left to ill-equipped family members with devastating results. Some artists assume their gallery representatives will handle matters, but this is riddled with other types of problems. Storage becomes a financial burden, and dumpsters are the prevailing alternative. Without the guidance of adequate cataloging and financial planning, most artworks left posthumously by under-known artists will be dropped from the historical record.


THE WORK– Proposes a shared legacy platforms for multiple artists as collective using an economy
of scale premise. Panel discussion on how to take the #irst steps toward reconciling single artists
legacies. Essential tools for data collection, preservation, and legacy building. Artist’s introduction
to good studio habits as it corresponds to scholarly pursuits, emphasizing cataloging, conservation,
provenance, and documentation.


THE WILL – Delves deeply into the understanding of legal and accounting requirements for artists
and examines the sustainability of a multi-artist legacy location. Shared platform examples are
further explored. Artists with their loved one’s wrestle with the true burden of art and asset
management. Legal and accounting templates and requirements are reviewed by existing
foundations, estates, and trusts.


THE WAY – Assesses the information collected from the previous two days to identify strategies for
the implementation of the shared artist legacy platform. Gallerists’, curators, scholars, and museum
administrators plus, speak about how they are handling the national increase of available artwork.

June 5 – 7, 2023

Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation

87 Eldridge Street, New York 10002