Applying for the NESA Website Carousel

We are always looking for high quality photos from our members for consideration on the website homepage! To apply to have your work featured, send a photo of your sculpture to  Include the name of the piece.

Photo Guidelines

In addition to artistic merit, we also judge based on the professional quality of the photography.

  1. Clear, sharp imagery is vital. The most common reason for rejection is blurry images.

  2. Professional backdrops, clean backgrounds, or blurred outdoor backgrounds with a portrait lens are all desirable. Busy or unprofessional backgrounds distract from the art. Aim for a color or value contrast between your art and the background to create drama and make the art pop.

  3. Images should be cropped to 4:5 vertical ratio OR send an image with sufficient space around the art or focal point that it can be cropped to 4:5 vertical. The second most common reason for rejection is images that are cropped in too tight and are long and narrow, either very tall or very wide.

  4. Lighting is important.  It needs to be well lit so depth and mass can be discerned via the shadows, but still the overall sculpture is luminous and the colors and detail can be clearly seen. Play with the angles to avoid your sculpture looking flat.

  5. It is fine to send a photo that is zoomed in on a particular part or detail of your work if the entirety of the sculpture is hard to capture.

  6. Color photos strongly preferred.

  7. It is fine to send 2-4 photos of the same piece, if you are not sure which might work best.

  8. Max file size 500K.

Study the imagery on the current gallery to get a feel for what to shoot for. Thank you!

Elisa Adams, President