Carla Goldberg

Milford, Connecticut
Medium: mixed_media | other
Artists Statement Palm Springs Swimming Pools and Green Hair Growing up in Palm Springs, California, I spent a crazy amount of my youth in a swimming pool. I was practically a fish and my hair was always green from the chlorine. I probably spent an equal amount of time spacing out over the strange patterns of reflective sunlight warped by water movement in swimming pools. I lived with my grandparents who had a love of travel and took me to many far off destinations usually involving some exotic beach locale or cruising the seas. I also spent much of my summers with my dad and his family on the Jersey Shore. I have always been drawn to water. It connects me to nature as well as my childhood with my beloved grandparents and dad. My sculptural paintings and drawings recall the memory of water in those moments of ebb and flow. I try to express this watery movement in as many ways possible through my sculptural drawings, paintings, installation and wall sculptures which ultimately leads to more experimentation and the occasional new series.
It's s All About the River