Cecilia DelGaudio

Westport, MA
Medium: stone
Direct carving is as old as Humankind. Without a reference, but rather an understanding of what needed to be made, we picked up a piece of wood or stone and carved bowls, tools and totems. I believe it is an instinctual ability in all of us to find what is hidden in organic materials. Naturally, it takes practice, patience and discipline to master the method. Tools for carving are simple: hammer, point and tooth chisel for stone, and mallet and gouge for wood. There are numerous suppliers who make it easy to accumulate a variety of tools . Rasps and files come in handy in the refining stage and sandpapers are used in the finishing stages before sealing or polishing with waxes or oils.
Swept Away, tangerine alabaster (20" w x 20" h x 8" d)