Eric David Laxman

Valley Cottage, NY
Medium: metal | mixed_media | stone | wood
Creating sculpture is a personal journey and exploration that allows me to interpret and make sense of the world around me. I love the process and physicality of carving stone, welding and forging metal and assembling found stone and metal objects. I combine these diverse materials into integrated figurative and abstract compositions to express the themes of transformation, growth, balance and movement. I create sculptures that seem spontaneous and inevitable using a process that is extremely labor intensive and deliberate. This duality, a recognition of the discreet parts and the creation of a new unified whole is the essence of my creative process. Seeking is a constant; to transform my materials while at the same time respecting and acknowledging their unique properties and their raw fundamental nature.
EricDavidLaxman_AnahataSculpture_Cryder House Apartments-Beechhurst NY_2015-reduced
Anahata Sculpture-Cryder House, Beechhurst, NY