Erik Grau

Boston, MA
Medium: mixed_media
And All That Could Have Been explores the choices and consequences in my life path. As a Libra and a Behavior Analyst I weigh options and think in terms of contingencies. Because of this I believe I am where I am supposed to be in this moment. Still, I wonder. Had the social constructs that resulted in my feeling of being less than not exist, would I have been able to live differently in the place where I was born? Had I not made the decisions to pursue a life of community service in a liberal urban environment, where I might I be? Had I been more typical, might I be less obsessive in my daily behavior. This body of work allows me to explore another world where my choices result in an alternative feeling of belonging, value, and comfort within nature. By immersing myself within the earth and surrounded by untraversable landscapes I can imagine protection and the escape from the politicization and demands of the contemporary world. Within these landscapes I can discover a magic that transcends our daily experiences and is a place where I hope we can all visit and become still. With this work I am beginning to manifest the next phase of my life.
Adrift and at Peace