Erin McCarthy

Weymouth, MA
Medium: clay | metal
For me, sculpture is Sacred. Clay dirt, growing piece by piece into something that comes to life. There is magic about it. Igniting and experiencing that magic is my passion. I sculpt people. Figures and portraits. My work is based in classical technique and representation so there is no room for error. I can be expressive in theme and pose but anatomical accuracy and proportions are rules I must follow in order to create a piece which looks real. Sculpting from a live model, I work directly from nature, for countless hours, weeks, months, patiently allowing the figure to form organically. My work is a remnant of my discoveries of the beauty in nature, during intimate time spent with my model in the studio. I sculpt with a sense of responsibility. To create works which can positively affect the society in which I live, works which, when viewed, cause people to pause, to experience a glimpse of stillness, calm, truth, wonder, eternity.
Simple Man