Hillel O’Leary

Providence, RI
Medium: clay | metal | mixed_media | stone | wood | other
Hillel O’Leary is a non-binary, culturally Jewish artist, educator, advocate, and multidisciplinary designer living and working in Providence, RI. Their practice centers on a reckoning with the violence of toxic masculinity and white supremacy, and the search for safety and peace through camouflage and the creation of sacred space. This work has been recognized nationally and internationally in recent exhibitions at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, and at the Digital Stone Project Conference in Pietrasanta, Italy. Hillel’s work also includes public presentations in the US national parks system, and TEDxRISD. Hillel is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design
O'Leary_Hillel_Eco Terrestre
Eco Terrestre (Echo of the Land)