Justin Perlman

Bethlehem, CT
Medium: fiber | metal | mixed_media | stone | wood
The current focus of my work is understanding the role the mediums of art play in the focus of a sculptures’ narrative. I have come to understand that each and every material I work with has its own voice of sorts. There are rules about how a material moves, and can be manipulated, and in challenging those rules, I can in fact give a voice to those materials within the context of my work. Sculpture is always about finding balance, and that for me includes the ability to find harmony between the materials, or failing that, celebrating their contradictions. The materials of my work each have history, and often cultural, or popular symbolic associations. Some times these associations are subtle, and sometimes, much more pronounced. I am always looking at how this contributes to the narratives contained in my work, and will choose those materials that fit or enhance my story.