Natasha Dikareva

Newmarket, NH
Medium: other
I find refuge in my studio, creating now more than ever, despite the aura of anxiety enveloping our world today. Without the former preoccupations of deadlines and other routine errands which used to take me out of the house, I am fortunate enough to focus on my work in my home studio. As each day looks like the other, only my sculptures continue to change and have lives of their own. As an artist, I am poised between two worlds; one is the tangible reality of the everyday, the other is the world of possibility in which my sculptures live. I travel between the two, between the physical present and the imaginative future, bringing dreams down to earth, shaping unfamiliar creatures to life. I allow myself to be a channel, guided by unseen forces of my environment and personal relationships, as well as formal aesthetic concerns. My sculptures use me as a vehicle, communicating their need to grow in a certain direction through my hands. My work coalesces though narrative symbolism, drawing on ancient Greek myths and Eastern philosophies of spiritual transformation, to form new deities and legends for our time. Metaphorical possibilities arise, illuminating hidden depths of our collective subconscious. I tap the source of dreams to extract the elixir of a new understanding and a bright future.