Roe Osborn

Orleans, MA
Medium: glass | metal | wood | other
Working in the building industry over many decades, I have always been fascinated by the intrinsic mathematical formulas in the structures that I’ve worked on. As a result, each of my sculptures has a mathematical order―a formula that guides and often dictates the construction. Often that formula is a very specific reduction of dimension from part to part within the sculpture, or it could be a specific angle change that occurs, or a combination of both. Most recently I have become intrigued with cylindrical geometry and have begun creating pieces from PVC and corrugated HDPE pipe. The mathematical formulas applied to these materials have yielded surprising and often unpredictable results. These materials have allowed me to create large outdoor pieces that have a more immediate and intimate interaction with the viewer’s personal space. With these pieces, viewers are exposed to materials that they encounter in everyday life, but arranged in unique and engaging ways.
Waiting for a Melody II-R-73b063d0