Scott Cahaly

Somerville, MA
Medium: stone
Scott Cahaly is a New England-born sculptor and painter. Cahaly started sculpting at the age of twenty-one after a profound experience while meditating on a boat dock in Burlington, Vermont where he was an art student. He promptly embarked on a lifelong career passionately exploring the art of stone sculpture and painting, carving thousand-pound statues in the quarries of central Vermont and painting dozens of abstract works. Cahaly’s work has been shown in galleries, universities, and museums across New England, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. Most recently The Cranes Estate MA, Meredith Sculpture Walk NH and The Newburyport Art Association MA. His work is in countless public/private collections. Cahaly currently resides in the Boston area, where he has been running a popular, long-running stone carving class (“Scott’s Stone Carving”), helping to bring the art of stone carving to hundreds of people over the years, and to keep this ancient art alive.
Garuda Spiral