ZaHaVa Sherez

Oakland, CA
Medium: clay | metal | mixed_media | other
In my series, InBodied Light, I challenge the impact of labels imposed on us based on race, sex, ethnicity, and color that lead to divisions, oppression, and violence. With this body of work I assert that the idea of humanity being divided into “sub-races” is a man-made fabrication. Each sculpture is faceless, and gender-neutral representing both no one and everyone, emphasizing our shared humanity and oneness. The highly texturized resin surface reflects light off the various facets and travels through the sculpture, creating glowing Beings. This light comes to reminde us of the Light within and all around, the energetic quantum field that connects us as one. Ultimately, my work aims to inspire viewers to see themselves and others with new eyes, embracing the idea that we are all one race.