It has been an amazing journey. The idea of a sculpture park in Burlington was the brainchild of Jon Sachs, Burlington Town Member. He saw the lack of an art community’s presence in Burlington. He further thought that bringing the arts to Burlington, a town known primarily for its business and consumer industries, would be a healthy and invigorating. A lovely article was written up by The Burlington Patch Newspaper about the park you can view it here.


  • 3 years in the making

  • Over 2 dozen meetings in a year

  • Coordinating with at least 5 other town committees. Planning, Historic, Selectman’s, Library, and School

  • Putting out an open call to sculptures worldwide

  • 45 sculptures viewed

  • First cut 29 sculptures remain

  • Last cut was in coordination with all the public school kids to have one community vote on the project. ( this was the first or a number of proposed community building efforts that will happen throughout the 2 year loan program)

  • 6 sculptures chosen.

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ACCEPTED ARTISTS: Peter Dellert, Phillip Marshall, Chris Plaisted, Dale Rogers, Mark Wholey and Nikita Zigura ( a soon to be new member from Ukraine)

  • We are still hopeful for a late June unveiling. TBA

  • Selectman’s Meeting in March. Sculpture park discussion starts around minute 17, but the end of our presentation shows a few of the school kids’ impressions of this process. Try at least to catch that part, it is very moving.

Mark Wholey, Follow your Heart
Mark Wholey, Follow your Heart