Exhibiting Opportunity from The Umbrella in Concord, MA

Kicking off on Earth Day

Here’s The LINK

The spring public art walk is an outdoor art installation on conservation land surrounding Concord Center. The Umbrella works in collaboration with the Concord Natural Resources Division, Millbrook Tarry, and the Concord Land Conservation Trust.

Change is in the Air: A Public Art Walk April 24 – May 31

Air contains two things necessary to life: carbon dioxide and oxygen. In photosynthesis, green plants take carbon-dioxide and water and use the sun’s energy to make sugar and release oxygen. In respiration, sugars and oxygen from the air turn to carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Without air, whether by drowning, respiratory failure, or persistent oppression, we cannot live. The freedom to breath unites us all, but who has that freedom?

As part of The Umbrella Arts & Environment’s hybrid Earth Day Celebration, we are organizing a public art walk that replicates the traditional Musketaquid Earth Day Parade’s path through Concord Center and safely celebrates this year’s Earth Day theme of Air. The art walk will exhibit outdoor, air-inspired artwork that engages the element of air, whether mobile, stabile, weathervane, banner, or flag. We encourage Black, Indigenous, and other artists with valuable and underrepresented perspectives to apply.

Application Process
Proposal Submission Due Date: March 1, 2021. Artist notifications by mid-March.
Installation sites confirmed by April 1, 2021.
Work must be installed week of April 12, 2021.
Exhibit opens April 24, 2021. Artist reception TBA.

To Apply (You may submit more than one idea as separate submissions), email the following (preferably as one pdf file) to caroline@theumbrellaarts.org by March 1, 2021 at 5:00pm.

  1. Resume.
  2. Project Statement: outline what you envision and plan to accomplish with this work as informed by site and interactions with the public (500 words).
  3. Up to 6 images of proposed piece/design drawings/photo of a model on the installation/art piece.
  4. Link to an online portfolio of past work and projects, or 5-10 high resolution JPEG images of past artwork and projects.

Exhibit Information
Selected artists will be awarded a small honorarium. The exhibit will be on view April 24 – Mary 31, 2021. Please note this is a Leave No Trace exhibit; from installation to dismantling, nature must be left intact and all materials brought to the site must be removed at the end of the show. The Umbrella receives 30% commission on any works sold in the exhibit. By submitting a proposal, artists acknowl- edge that The Umbrella Arts Center and the Concord Division of Natural Resources assume no liability for artwork on the property during the exhibit.