Newburyport Art Association Exhibition 3/3-3/21/2020

What a wonderful night it was last night. The opening to the NAA show was delightful. It was full of lively conversationand gorgeous art. NESA’s Cindy Journey and Ryan Kelley ( also NAA members) carefully juried and curated the show. There were over 75 entries and 22 sculptures were chosen. There was floor, free standing and pedestaled and wall sculptures. Carefully placed throughout the gallery, the show is elegant.

If you have a chance to see the show and tour around historic Newburyport, we highly recommend to do so. There are wonderful restaurants and gorgeous views of the water.

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists: Elisa Adams, David Atilman, Anne Alexander, Craig Anderson, David Borrus, Jeffrey Briggs, Lindley Briggs, William Casper, JC Dellenbaugh, Carolyn Enz Hack, Shawn Farrell, Tracey Fischer, Sandra Golbert, Justin Gordon, Douglas Grey, Robert Green, Carol Hartman, Madeleine Lord, Tone Ørvivk, Gary Rathmell, R. Douglas Rice, Kimberly Scott, Derrick Te Paske,