Outdoor RFQ’s from NSS

Heather Farm Park Public Art Project RFQ
Deadline for applications: July 11, 2024

The City of Walnut Creek, CA is seeking professional artists and/or artist teams to submit qualifications to create significant, site-specific public artwork(s) as part of the new Heather Farm Park Aquatic and Community Center located at 301 N San Carlos Dr in Walnut Creek.
More information – HERE

City Mark Capital Art Project
Deadline for applications: August 8, 2024

The objective of the City Mark Capital Art Project is to give Rochester, NY a new permanent physical Artwork that recognizes and celebrates the City Mark design. Hidden in the design’s simplicity are the two iconic images steeped in our City’s heritage: an old mill wheel and a five-petal lilac. Originally intended to identify City government functions, the Mark has grown to also be a point of public pride. The Project is aligned with the goals and strategies of the Arts & Culture section of the Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan, which identifies the importance of public art in the City of Rochester. Online Information Session: June 25, 2024

More information HERE

Town of Erie, Colorado
Deadline for applications: July 29, 2024

The Town of Erie, Colorado is seeking an artist or artist teams working in all sculpture mediums to conceptualize, fabricate, and install a series of sculptures along a 15 minute, mixed-modality, pedestrian loop through urban and recreational settings. The selected artist(s) and community stakeholders will determine artwork placement along the “loop” Map provided in Exhibit A. This project will be a loop of reimagined canaries connected by a common theme, approach, design, and/or perspective. It is expected that at least three 3 3-dimensional sculptural forms be created. This series of small sculptures will serve to promote exploration and engagement around the Town of Erie.

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