Unique Opportunity for North Shore MA Artists

Announcing the 2023 Newburyport Arts & Culture Shanty Program

The Newburyport Arts and Culture Shanties Program seeks to provide a vibrant and historically-based centralized forum for local artists and artisans to collectively join together with the common mission of bringing locally made art to the North Shore region and beyond. The project will create an organized artist colony, along with the provision of space to showcase, display, and sell art installed on a temporary basis in the Pop Up Park located on MerrimacĀ  Street in Newburyport.

The project is scheduled to open in May and will remain through October 15. To begin, the Shanties will be open Friday through Sunday from 12pm-4pm. Any artist or artistic organization within Essex County is welcome to apply for use of the Shanties. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Artists are juried and, if accepted, placed for the upcoming season.

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